Communication | Solution Focus | Emotional Resilience

I am Olivia

I am an experienced trainer and group faciliator.

For over 20 years I have worked across social care, education, health, criminal justice, voluntary sector organisations and businesses.



The scope of clients and my experience of front-line work, has meant that I have a rich and varied insight into people's needs and what helps us to thrive and develop healthily.

How I can help

I draw on solution focus and compassionate communication in all of the work that I do; to encourage and empower people to communicate well and develop in whatever role they have chosen in life.

My offers include bespoke workshops, events and programmes which will build on existing strengths and offer new ideas and skills to enable growth and development for individuals and teams.

Everything I offer can be used straight away and you will notice immediate change.

"My hope is that I can encourage people to communicate differently - with themselves and those around them. When we do this we find co-operation and calm much more of the time"

Who I work with

In the midst of unprecedented and rapid change in the world around us it is vital that your business or organisation is fit for the future – whatever that may hold. 

The skills and strategies that I will share with you will help you thrive in the process of change and growth.

You are being required to do more with less and asked to include more pastoral and social support to children, parents, carers and peer groups.

I will help you meet these challenges by introducing new skills and strategies rooted in solution focus and compassionate communication.

I have worked for over 20 years with individuals, groups and communities to offer strategies that lead to calmer and more productive lives.


When we communicate effectively; when we can understand strong and uncomfortable feelings – fear, shame, anger, grief - everyone benefits. 


It's all about communicating well

What is Compassionate Communication?

Compassionate, or non-violent, communication encourages us to think what need is behind how we behave and think about ourselves and others.

It encourages us to take responsibility for, and give compassion to, ourselves rather than blame other people and the wider world.  This builds confidence, develops self esteem and resilience in many ways.


"It offers us skills to express ourselves clearly and to be able to hear the feelings and needs of others - even those we disagree with!"

What is Solution Focus?

Solution Focus is an approach that has been successfully used for many years to support change.  It encourages us to remember that we are all already experts in our own lives and that we have the ability to find solutions to the problems we face; in ourselves, in families, workplaces and within the wider world. 


Solution focus was developed in the 1980s by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve De Shazer in the US when they were working with 'challenging' clients in the therapy context.  It is now being used worldwide in the business and public sector to bring about sustainable change in organisations, in team development and in a one-to-one context.


It is easy to forget that we have the strength and resource to survive and thrive...solution focus skills help us to remember what is working and what has worked.  I have seen first hand how the solution focus approach helps people achieve the change they want.

"It invites us to stop trying to fix other people and, instead, helps them define their own route to success and a future they want."

What people say...

Primary teacher

Thanks very much, we both found the workshop encouraging and inspiring. We need more people like you in our schools.

Criminal Justice (& Mum)

Olivia really understands how to help you be your best.

I love learning from her.

Dr Thurston. Physciatrist

Very inspiring course, led by inspiring, passionate and excellent trainers.