In Education

You are being required to do more with less, while integrating provision for increasingly complex needs. You are being asked to include more pastoral and social support to children and their families and peer groups.

Staff well being and continual professional development is also a key focus in your School Improvement Plan, so that the needs of the whole school community are met.

I will help you met these challenges by introducing specific skills and suggesting strategies rooted in solution focus and compassionate communication; the principles of both approaches compliment most school's values and support the development of a healthy culture, in turn improving social and academic outcomes for the children.

I will help you to;

  • save time, energy and resource and improve outcomes for children

  • develop staff well being, rooted in effective communication and compassion; reducing conflict and building a healthy and supportive culture by increasing calm and reducing blame

  • build on and repair parent, carer and stakeholder engagement

  • train and support your staff to confidently deliver PSHE curriculum; internet safety, relationship and sex education

  • embed the skills to support strategic and operational planning

  • meet SIAMS and OFSTED objectives relating to well being and engagement

Why choose me?

I have worked with independent and mainstream schools across primary, secondary, and in special education. I am acutely aware of the pressure points within systems that my offer can help to relieve.