In Communities

I have worked for over 20 years with individuals, groups and communities to offer new ideas and strategies that lead to calmer and more productive lives. 


When we communicate effectively; when we can understand strong and uncomfortable feelings – including fear, shame, anger, grief - everyone benefits.  I want to share what I've learned with as many people as possible because I know how much these things have helped me and other people.

"Some really simple changes to how we talk and listen to each other
makes a huge difference."

01. There's always a solution

Would you like to learn how to find solutions to your problems?

It's easy to talk about problems and to offer our advice in an attempt to be helpful and to ‘fix things’. It's also frustrating when people don't listen.

I introduce the skills needed to focus on what is going well and to help people identify their own solutions and what outcome they would prefer.  I talk about why it is important to to trust people (and ourselves) to know and find answers based on existing skills, strengths, resources and experience.  We are all own own experts!

02. Kinder communication

Feeling 'stuck' when you try to communicate with others?

Is there blame, judgement, anger or avoidance when it comes to tricky conversations or situations?


I often hear people say "I don't like conflict." This workshop will introduce you a new way of communicating and give you the opportunity to explore why patterns of communication can become habitual and stuck and full of conflict,. I will offer you ways to ‘unstick’ them and feel more able to face the things that might cause you anxiety and worry. 

It is all about understanding why some situations and conversations feel so uncomfortable and learning new skills to 'ride them out' . After this workshop you will feel more confident and able to keep yourself emotionally well and more able to deal with the ups and downs that life offers us.

03. Living with change or loss

We all experience change, loss and grief sometimes.

Grief and bereavement is not only about losing loved ones through death, it is also significant losses like redundancy, relationship breakdown, illness and injury.

In this workshop I offer ideas on how to help ourselves and others, including children, process and live with big change.  It is a chance to learn more about the process of bereavement and how to open up conversation.

Some simple changes to how we talk and listen to each other can make a huge difference and enable us to move through the difficulty and find a 'new normal'.

This is not a therapeutic session.  It is intended to be a safe space to discuss and explore ideas on how to keep well.